Edmond Ng

Hi, my name is Edmond Ng. I'm a multi­disciplinary designer who lives in Toronto. Most recently I worked as a senior designer at Concrete in Toronto and before that at Tender / VSA Partners in New York. Currently am working as an independent designer accepting client work, freelance opportunities and collaborations. If you think you might like to work with me or would like to know more about myself please feel free to get in touch.

Rufino - Espresso

Rufino began originally as Classic Gourmet Coffee. It was a family run business known locally for its environmental and exacting practices when processing their beans. The rebranding updated all visual aspects of their products along with their online presence. Rufino can be found being prominently served and displayed at Toronto restaurants and cafes such as the Belljar Cafe and Woodlot.

Designed at Concrete

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